Chess Friends World

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Come and enjoy playing Chess tournaments with a select group of Friends in a little World which has no ads, sign-ups or fees.

Sending the moves by email without time limits (see the About Us page for more details) allows us to keep in touch with each in a relaxed and friendly fashion.

Do have a look around the site to find chess news, stories, photos and useful chess links. There's even an opportunity for a quick live game if you wish - see below.

If you are interested in joining us, send me an e-mail to pauldfawcett{at}

Enjoy your chess!

Dave Fawcett.

Try a free game against a human opponent!

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) are offering this to tempt you into subscribing. There's no need to register, you can jump right in.

1. Click 'Play for Free'

2. If you want you can change the default time - at the moment you have 2 minutes for all your moves but an extra 12 seconds is added each time you make a move. So if you like you can just alter it to, say, 10 minutes and 0 increment if you prefer.

3. Decide whether you are content to (a) wait for someone to challenge you or (b) choose from a selection of on-line players (many of whom will be Guests like yourself). If (a) then press 'Submit'. If (b) then click 'Close' and then press 'Seekers' (these are the players who chose option (a) and are seeking a game).

I just lost a series of games because I am not used to the 2 mins 12 secs timing. So choose the mins and increment carefully!