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Poems submitted with entries for the 'World Poetry Day' Tourney ...

We’re going to try,
by and by.
To start a tourney,
And take a journey.

Via this trek of chess,
We will celebrate the best
of the poets display,
on World Poetry Day!

(by Rick Bowman)

Check & Mate

Time stands still
Men with bowed heads ponder
Do I dare, do I dare
Time stands still

Whispers break the silence
The men look up
What do they see that I do not
What do I see that they do not

Jumbled thoughts fill my head
What is there, fills me with dread
Does he see it, I can not tell
Time stands still

He looks at me, I see him sneer
His hand reaches out
for the thing I fear
the move he makes brings me to tear

I see it now as I smirk
I make my move
Check & Mate, Mr. Dirk

(by Dave Fawcett)

Sunshine and Rainbows

Sunshine and Rainbows
Always my friends
They take me to places
I've never been

Moonbeams and starlight
Also my friends
They push back the darkness so open your eyes
Enjoy the beauty of heavenly skies

Palm trees and oceans
Gentle winds from afar
Soft waves rolling in
Caressing my skin
Closing my eyes I take it all in
What a wonderful world we all live in

(by Linda Blevins)

O Jogo da Vida/The Game of Life

O jogo da vida não deve ser perdido
Para isso, muita atenção
Seja muito desprendido
E não deixe de ouvir seu coração

English Version ...

The game of life must not be lost.
Pay attention and be alert.
Be a little detached, cool as ice.
And always listen to your heart.

(by Andreia Nascimento D'Alessandro)

Big Fight

O.K. Jack,
I’ll play Black.
You gotta be White,
So expect a big fight.

(by Ted Morris)

Bereft of experience
(A poem inspired by a George Monbiot text)

Oh yes maybe for you it was this way
- you were taught to postpone pleasures.
That Rome wasn't built in a day,
Must be patient and adventurous.

But me want everything at once.
Though bereft of experience.

For me it is different,
I wait for no man.
Immediate gratification.
Ten second span!

The iPhone generation
Give it all to me now!
No pain, no frustration,
No joy and no sorrow.

I never watched WALLEE,
I never read 1984.
Bereft of experience,
I am an adult child.

Am I alive? Is there no death?
When will life begin.
But I want your philosophy,
I want to know what you know.

I follow the way I am given,
mysogyny and no history.
Though I overflow with love,
I am virtual world bankrupt.

So what can I rebel against?
What have you got?

(by Richard Sugden)

Operário em Construção

(Written by Vinicius de Moraes and submitted as a CFW entry by our latest member, Fuad Chaim Filho. The poem can be heard in a cleverly illustrated YouTube video here)

"Operário em Construção" ("Worker in Construction") is an important Brazilian poem in which we see a typical worker coming to the gradual realisation of the true importance of his/her work ie that civilisation would not (physically) even exist without the contribution of their labour.

It provides a useful and accessable insight into the ideas of Marxism and, as such, has been used as part of the school curriculum in Brazil (Uma aula de marxismo na poesia de Vinícius de Moraes).

The poem is often prefaced by text from Luke's Gospel in which Christ is led by the Devil to the top of a hill and there challenged to love his opponent, thus:

"The Vinicius de Moraes text takes up this idea through a stanza in which the worker is challenged to abandon his (her) ethics in exchange for favours to his boss" (Edeliar Torres Sleet) Poema - Operário em Construção -Vinicius de Moraes- Sugestão de Leitura (Edeliar Torres Sleet)